Our Professional Services

Cathodic Protection,
Installation and Testing
SPS has a professional staff available to accommodate all of your cathodic protection needs. We can handle all of your testing, surveying, designing, and anode installation needs both onshore and offshore.

Close Interval & Atomspheric  
Corrosion Surveys
SPS has an experienced corrosion staff available to handle all of your corrosion surveys inside of facilities and in the field with all necessary equipment required to get us where you need us to be. Both onshore and offshore.

Pipeline Damage Prevention &
Pipeline Marking/Locating
SPS will put you ahead of the rest by safely protecting your pipelines from third party damage. We can assist in your public awareness programs and also provide highly trained echnicians to accurately locate and mark your pipelines.

Heavy Equipment,
Pipeline Erosion Control &
Pipeline Repair Services
Inadequate coating performance is a major contributing factor in corrosion and SCC susceptibility of an underground pipeline . Call today and have our Coating specialist assist you on the proper coating for your pipeline application.

Right of Way Vegetation
Control & Reclamation
SPS uses Limited Edition John Deere cab and air tractors along with numerous pieces of heavy equipment to get any right of way cut or cleaned to meet our customer's needs with safe and timely service.

Transportation Services

SPS uses only top of the line airboats and crew boats to service any type of marshy terrain in the South staffed with experienced operators that are capable of getting you where you need to be safely.

Chemical Sales
Injection Testing and Reporting
SPS provides a full range of SPS branded pipeline chemicals to handle any issue our clients face along with a well trained experienced staff to handle all of your injecting, testing, and reporting.

One Call
SPS trained technicians provide you with first class service in responding to your company's one call needs to prevent asset damage in your facility or along your right of ways. We are available 24/7 to professionally monitor activities in the field under any circumstances.

Solar Powered CP Systems
SPS has an experienced solar staff that builds, maintains, and services all of your Solar power rectifier needs.